The Rockefeller University Hospital centennial celebration has been made possible by the efforts of many individuals. Foremost, I want to acknowledge the expertise and invaluable historical perspectives and insights provided by my colleagues on the Centennial Committee, Mr. Joseph Bonner, Dr. Purnell Choppin, Dr. Emil Gotschlich, Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Hanson, Dr. Jules Hirsch, Ms. Kate Kadoun, Dr. Attallah Kappas, Ms. Olga Nilova, Ms. Melissa Offenhartz, Ms. Angie Slattery, Dr. James Smith, and Dr. Darwin Stapleton.

The Rockefeller University Archive, under the leadership of both Dr. Darwin Stapleton and Dr. James Smith, has been very generous in supplying important information and documents. The Development Office, under Ms. Marnie Imhoff's leadership has provided very valuable advice and support on nearly every aspect of the celebration.

Dr. Elizabeth (Betsy) Hanson completed the Herculean task of writing virtually all of the descriptions in the More Than 100 Discoveries Advancing Medicine. Her equally remarkable historical rigor and clarity of expression were the perfect combination to present the extraordinary breadth and depth of scientific and medical accomplishments that have occurred during the last 100 years at the Rockefeller Hospital. It was my great honor to serve as Betsy's editor.

Ms. Olga Nilova, Special Collections and Exhibits Librarian for the Rockefeller University Library, drew upon her extensive knowledge of the University's archives to select the images to accompany each of the More Than 100 Discoveries Advancing Medicine. She also is creating the exhibits in the library that will commemorate the achievements in the Hospital during the 2010 Centennial year.

The Rockefeller University Informational Technology (IT) department has played a vital role in the design, creation, and curation of the Centennial Web site. We are especially appreciative of the dedicated work of Mr. Joseph Alexander, Mr. Tom Szymczyk, Mr. Michael Mallari, Mr. Cameron Coffran, and Ms. Gale Kremer. Additionally, Ms. Jessica Rothschild and Ms. Alyssa Gelbard from the Communications and Public Affairs Department made significant contributions to the concept and strategy of the web site.

Ms. Dana Krinsky worked closely with the Centennial Committee to design and then sculpt the Centennial medal. Her creativity and artistic skills succeeded in capturing the iconic essence of the Hospital and the major discoveries that have taken place within its walls.

Ms. Angie Slattery has provided outstanding administrative leadership for the Centennial. Ms. Suzanne Rivera, as always, has provided exceptional administrative support for my contributions.

Finally, the Rockefeller University Hospital Staff, the senior leadership of the Hospital, and the investigative teams that perform their rigorous and imaginative studies to unlock the secrets of nature to improve human health, are the true heroes, keeping alive the bright flame that was lit 100 years ago.

Barry S. Coller, MD
Physician-In-Chief, Rockefeller University Hospital