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1. The Invention of the Formula Diet: A Vital Tool for Metabolic Research and a Therapy for Patients With Digestive Disorders

2. Unsaturated Fat: The First Dietary Intervention to Lower Plasma Cholesterol

3. DNA: The Transforming Principle and the Birth of Modern Genetics

4. The First Effective Vaccine for Pneumococcal Pneumonia

5. Growing Mammalian Cells and Tissues in Culture

6. Creating the "Heart-Attack Mouse": A Model for Atherosclerosis

7. Pioneering Surgery to Repair Blood Vessels and Transplant Organs

8. First Demonstration That Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) Is Central to Disease Pathogenesis

9. Hemoglobin A1c for Monitoring Diabetes

10. The First Electrocardiograph in the United States

11. Rufus Cole, the Guiding Philosophy of the Rockefeller Hospital, and the First Effective Therapy for Lobar Pneumonia

12. Unraveling the Link Between Immunologic Control of Cancer and Severe Neurologic Disease—and Harnessing This Knowledge for Cancer Therapy

13. The First Pharmacological Treatment for Narcotic Addiction: Methadone Maintenance

14. Discovering the Role of Free Fatty Acids, Essential Modulators of Energy Metabolism

15. Gramicidin: Ushering in the Scientific Era of Antibiotic Discovery and Therapy

16. Paul Ehrlich, the Rockefeller Institute, and the First Targeted Chemotherapy

17. The First Effective Therapy for Meningococcal Meningitis

18. Bed Rest Does Not Contribute to the Cure of Tuberculosis, and the Shifting Tuberculosis Care Out of Sanatoria

19. The Dynamics of Phagocytosis and Lysosomal Fusion: How White Blood Cells Kill Infectious Invaders

20. To Understand Obesity, First Invent the Tools: The Metabolic Function of Fat

21. Bringing Science to the Study of Obesity: The Number of Fat Cells and Their Size

22. Obesity and Metabolism: Why Weight Loss Is Difficult to Sustain

23. Endocrine-gene Interactions in the Hereditary Liver Disease Acute Intermittent Porphyria

24. Nutritional Pharmacology: Regulation of Drug and Hormone Metabolism by Components of the Human Diet

25. Management of Severe Newborn Jaundice: Changing the Clinical Paradigm from Treatment to Prevention

26. The Discovery of Autoimmune Diseases

27. The Discovery of the Classes and Structures of Immunoglobulin Molecules

28. Masterminding Bacterial Classification

29. The Rh Factor: Enhancing the Safety of Blood Transfusion and Setting the Stage for Preventing Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn

30. Cancer Genetics: Susceptibility to Both Spontaneous and Induced Tumors Is Inherited

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